EcoSim is the integrated solution

for your IoT projects

Your things are nice, smart, useful … and what if to take better care of them …

… you could connect them through mobile networks at local prices everywhere in the world?

… as an option, EcoSim IoT Simcards can be supplied with a fixed IP address.

… you could simplify logistics and configuration by using the same SIM card everywhere?

… you could control thousands of of them throughout the world from the same platform?

… the data transmissions transmissions of your objects were naturally secured ?

… we placed personalised BI Power Dashboard at your disposal ?

… you had IoT experts at your disposal to help you?

Our client approach

Why more and more companies choose the EcoSim connectivity solution ?

Our innovative client approach

Our experts are all from the world of telecommunications, professionals who have always innovated to improve telecom management. Our dedicated team will help you get the best out of our EcoSim solution.

Faster commercialisation

We can handle the deployment of your devices and instantly activate the connectivity of the EcoSim on more than 650 networks throughout the world. The management and control of the connectivity is then done in real time thanks to our management platform.

Efficiency and best value for money

Reduce costs and complexity of the connectivity of your IoT solution by supplying you and working with a single supplier. Benefit from the expertise of our team and the flexibility of the EcoSim solution.

The characteristics of EcoSim IoT

Global coverage,
more than 650 networks

Competitive rates
for every country

Management platform dedicated to IoT

Personalised Power BI reports

Optional Simcard with fixed IP address

Clear and simple monthly invoicing based on usage

No more plastic is the future

Receive and install your eSIM in seconds

What does the EcoSim IoT solution cost ?

Basic setup costs of the EcoSim IoT platform : €450

Monthly costs by SIM card starting from €0,50/month

Billing use starting from €3/GB

Complete list of rates per country available upon request.

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We enjoy direct partnerships (national roaming agreements) with local 3G/LTE networks in line with wholesale prices for local consumption.

Our clients talk about EcoSim IoT

  • Gaëtan de Borman | Eventattitude | Head of Fields Solutions

    We have been using EcoSim solutions for many years, the evolutions have always allowed us to optimise our services. The responsiveness of EcoSim teams is incredible, they respond almost immediately to our request and needs!

  • Victoire Partouche | Panora.Me | Head of Brand Activation

    EcoSim IoT allows us to control our equipment remotely ultra-fast, even on another continent! They allow us to connect ourselves uniquely upon request to a site in order to carry out diagnostics, maintenance operations or activate a backup procedure. The flexibility of the solutions offered is a real advantage for us.

  • Nicolas Ferrier | Computacenter | Key Account Director

    Within the scope of a global project for a multinational, the multi-operator functionality was decisive in the choice of EcoSim IoT. It lets us have a multitude of operators on the same SIM card and as a result, reduce costs to the maximum. The personalisation of reports was the other main reason for choosing EcoSim IoT.

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